Don’t Freak Out But Coffee MAY Be Aging Your Skin (Okay, Freak Out)

Cup of Coffee Beauty Benefits

If you drink a cup of coffee or two (or more) per day, then you’ve likely thought about whether the habit was doing you any good.

The truth is, there is no clean-cut conclusion. Research points in both directions. Some attest coffee is jam-packed with antioxidants and has been show to prevent cancer, boost sex drive, and improve heart health. Others say it can disrupt sleep, increase LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, and may be toxic. To make matters more complicated, coffee is probably also affecting your beauty. For better or for worse, here’s what you need to know.

Let’s dive into the bad news first. Coffee is a diuretic, which means that it leaches the body of its water content. The more you drink, the more your body–and your skin–is stripped of its moisture and the less supple, glowing, and healthy it appears. Dehydration leads to skin inflammation, collagen loss, and even acne.

Coffee is also highly acidic and can mess with your stress hormone cortisol, which negatively affects the skin’s oil production when imbalanced, causing acne and inducing aging. Pair dwindled sebum production with dehydration and you can see how much of a toll coffee can take on the condition of your skin, making you look a lot older than you are. (If you add milk and sugar to the mix, you only compound the negative effects, too).

Now for the good news: coffee’s negative effects may be counteracted if you are diligent enough. Make it a rule for yourself to drink two glasses of water for each cup of coffee. Meanwhile, don’t make coffee the first thing you consume in the morning. An acidic beverage is not what you want your stomach to wake up to. Instead, consume as much water as you can in the morning, followed by a green juice or smoothie. Thirty to 60 minutes after drinking your raw green juice or smoothie, enjoy your coffee. It is important that you allow some time for your morning green juice or smoothie to pass through your stomach before you add coffee to the mix. Coffee’s acidity may react to previously consumed beverages and food by fermenting, causing gas, bloating, and even more acidity.

Coffee itself can be dehydrating, but if you time it well and drink plenty of water throughout the day, you can absolutely avoid losing your skin’s elasticity, hydration, and glow.

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