Is Faux Grass a Green Idea for Fido?


If your dog isn’t a city dweller and is lucky enough to have a backyard, he probably runs around on grass. Because, well, what else would you cover your backyard with, right? Luxury interior design Kari Whitman, owner of Kari Whitman Interiors LLC, has a different idea – ForeverLawn, an eco-friendly synthetic alternative.

So how is faux grass eco-friendly? And why is it better than the real stuff?

According to CafeMom, Whitman says instead of grass, she always uses ForeverLawn, which is made from recycled materials. Not only is it easier to maintain and keep green in comparison to real grass, it holds up to the extra wear and tear dogs bring to the backyard. ForeverLawn’s K9Grass is made specifically for dogs. The faux grass yarn is knitted, which allows for flow-through drainage and it has a antimicrobial agent to prevent stains, odors and bacteria. It’s also completely washable, all of which make it great ground cover for kennels and indoor dog parks.


Dog-lover Kristen Bell is one of Whitman’s celebrity clients that has a ForeverLawn covered backyard. Bell has plenty of eco-friendly habits – she’s a vegetarian, she has partnered with eco companies like TOMS shoes and earlier this month she dedicated her 30th birthday to Charity: Water. Plus, she lets all of her rescued pets run around on faux lawn: Lola and Mr. Shakes came from shelters, while Sadie was a post-hurricane Katrina rescue from New Orleans. That said, she also spoils her pups with an outdoor Moroccan tiled hot and cold water doggie bath.


I’m not exactly convinced that choosing a fake lawn is really a more eco-friendly choice – and my dog Leo (shown above) might argue that there’s nothing like a good roll in the real grass! Though the fact that the lawn requires little maintenance does have some green benefits. In effect it saves water, eliminates the need for fertilizers or pesticides, cuts out the gas and pollution associated with mowing and prevents erosion.

If you’re not ready to makeover your backyard you could try a patch of grass to see how your pooch likes it. Or they even make a K9Grass potty.

What do you think of K9Grass? Smart idea? A bit ridiculous? Or not green enough for your dog? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: gTarded, abfsra