Is He The One? 9 Signs You’re Ready “For Better Or Worse”

is he the one for better or worse

It’s true miracle when two people live a life together, for better or worse.  Life becomes a journey in which you traverse it with that special someone.  But, with so much societal pressure to settle down, you might wonder “is he the one?” I was a serial monogamous and yet, when I knew I had found the one, there was no doubt in my mind. Here are 9 ways you can answer “is he the one?” once and for all.

1. You have the same values.

At the end of the day you’re on the same page with what really matters. You believe in the same ethics and want similar dreams. Points of views can often be apples and oranges, and meshing different opinions in a relationship can be exciting and fun. But when it comes to “for better or worse” having similar core values will keep you together.

2. He’s thoughtful.

Is he the one? The answer might be yes if you’re on his mind throughout the day. Does he take action by surprising you with flowers, cooking your favorite meal or drawing you a bath after a tough day? He knows actions speak louder than words.

3. The sex is good.

Good sex is crucial to surviving “for better or worse.” Sex sustains a long lasting relationship, tying the bond and literally bringing you closer together.

4. You can always be yourself.

Is he the one? If you can always be who you are, and he still loves every part of you, the answer might be yes.

5. He listens.

Whether it’s the trouble at work, or the climax to the romance novel you’re reading, he listens to you. From big to small he lends an ear and truly takes in what you are saying.

6. You love not just his body, but his heart and mind.

No piece-meal loving here–It’s the whole package, that turns you on.  From mind, body and heart, you love it all.

7. He’s supportive.

Is he the one? Yes if he nurtures your dreams, trusts you to follow your heart, and shows his support with what is right for you. He provides you a supportive foundation to fly confidently in the direction of your dreams, for better or worse.

8. You learn from each other.

Over the months and years together, your personal growth as an individual doesn’t stop.  You continue to learn from each other as your partner teaches through their words or their actions.

9. Your heart knows.

“The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing,” Blaise Pasca famously said. When all reason fails you know he is the one that you want to spend your life with, for better and for worse.

Note: these tips are written from a heterosexual perspective, but swap the pronouns, and they’re applicable for any gender or type of relationship!

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Juliette Donatelli

Working in the field of sustainability for over seven years, Juliette is passionate about its intersection within the fashion industry. Juliette began studying ecological conservation, and led consumer awareness campaigns around the world from water usage in southern California, riparian restoration in South Africa, food distribution in Paris and bison habitat in the Great Plains. She has launched her passion--consumerism and sustainability--into a place where it hits home--fashion. Juliette is the founder and editor-in-chief of, Director of Sustainability at Manufacture NY, and loves to read, dance, swim and enjoy the occasional glass of champagne.