Is That a Woolly Pocket on Your Wall, or Are You Just…?


I’ll get my mind out of the gutter and onto the green, where it belongs, and tell you about my latest obsession – plants in pockets.

I’d heard of hanging plants and plants that are potted, but the idea of putting a plant in a cloth-like pocket wasn’t in my repertoire. That is, until I came across the Woolly Pocket Garden Company.

It’s genius, really – a breathable container that can be hung vertically to cover an unsightly wall or spruce up a small space. Create yourself a lush little garden just about anywhere.


Woolly Pockets are made from recycled plastic bottles and are safe for indoors and out. They come in vertical or horizontal versions; small and large sizes. Try the Wally One, Three or Five; the Knoll, Wee Woolly or Meadow. Combine them to create an atmosphere like no other (see top image).

Best of all, you can leave your green (or brown) thumb in your pocket because you won’t need it with a Woolly. These pockets were made for planting.

Learn how easy it is to pot a pocket on the website at Pockets 101. And check out the blog (aptly named What’s growing in your Pocket?) for ideas and inspiration. As seen at Apartment Therapy.