'It's Not You. It's Your Closet.'


Grechen’s Closet is not your everyday online store. I admit I normally avoid online shopping, unless I go directly to a designer’s web site where the flash-slide-shows are too enticing to pass up snagging a piece or two – but Grechen lured me in for her special Eco Month.

Each day in June, Grechen models an eco-chic outfit, head-to-toe. What I love most is that Grechen’s measurements are not those of most fashion models – she’s one of us, ladies – and her photos give a sense of how these beautiful clothes look on the more average-proportioned woman.

 She’s conveniently cataloged a bevy of earth friendly and ethical clothing and designer sites. Her reviews are handy and quirky, featuring many of EcoSalon’s own favorites. But the best part of Grechen’s closet is something I wish my closet was full of too. . .  coupons! This month, Grechen offers coupon codes for 20% off of a long list of top eco-designers.

This closet is worth a walk-in.

Image: tanakawho