Jhonson Augustin: From Apprentice to Master Artisan

-When Jhonson Augustin’s father left Haiti, his mother took on the full responsibility of caring for and supporting her 11 children. Aware of his family’s financial strain, Augustin began learning the art of cut metal work as a child. Once he finished school, this determined individual went on to study under the locally renowned artist Serge Jolimeau. After proving that his skill matched that of his teacher, Augustin assumed the role of master artisan, helping underprivileged youths in Haiti pursue this craft.

“Cut metal work represents the wealth of Croix des Bouquets. This is what has made the city famous,” he says. “This is what God gave me to live; I support my family, I am building a house and I am providing work for others.” You can find handmade candleholders and wall hangings from Augustin and other members of the Comite Artisanal Haitien at Ten Thousand Villages.