Kaua’i’s Kukui’ula is the Magical Hawaiian Vacation You Dream About

Kaua'i's Kukui'lua is the Magical Hawaiian Vacation You Dream About

Wondering where in Hawaii you can get some island alone time? Kaua’i’s Kukui’ula is the magical Hawaiian vacation you’ve been looking for, with all the right touches to make it feel like your own private getaway.

I long for the Hawaii of my childhood. Barefoot all day. Outdoor showers. Bumping along dirt roads en route to hidden beaches. Cracking open liliko’i (passion fruit) picked right off the bush. I miss those carefree days where all I needed was the wind in my hair and the ocean at my feet. But I’m older now, and I look to a vacation for as much adventure as – if not more so – rejuvenation.

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Not being the typical resort-type, I’m always on the lookout for unique residences that offer that barefoot-all-day, wind-in-the-hair feeling that relaxes my mind and rejuvenates my soul. Kukui’ula, on the island’s south side, delivers just what the vacation doctor ordered. It is the perfect Hawaiian marriage between land and sea.

The Farm at Kukui’ula

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A recurring theme of your stay at Kukui’ula is to connect back to the earth. Open daily you’re invited to get (red) dirt-y and visit The Farm. Lean up against the giant ear pod tree and when you’re finished hugging it, look over the reservoir for a fresh new green perspective on life. Then channel your inner forager and get busy selecting the tender greens that Chef Ben Takahashi will serve you under the stars.

Kukui`ula Kauai
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After a stunning sunset, twilight, moonrise, and finally a sky full of unending galaxies, you’ll wonder if stardust was the magical ingredient to a sublime evening that you don’t want to end. Interestingly, Lono, the Hawaiian god of peace, is also the god of growing things. Yet, another reason why it’s so important to connect with nature while on vacation. Get your sneakers dirty. At The Farm, you’ve got 13 acres to explore from the mountains to the shoreline.

Wellness Retreats

Where to stay in Kauai
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Kukui’lua and The Farm are so inspiring that plant-based lifestyle entrepreneur Matthew Kenney choose it to launch the premiere of his weeklong mind/body wellness program. Led by Kauai native Wellness Director Jacyn Fainby a yoga, fitness, and plant-based living expert, guests were treated to a daily routine of blissful yoga and meditation. Along with curated plant-based menus harvested from The Farm and daily adventures the likes of ocean paddleboarding, island excursions, surf lessons, lei-making, and Hawaiian inspired spa treatments.

“The program that Director Jacyn Fain has built utilizes talented yoga and meditation experts who will guide guests on their journey to peak mental and physical wellness,” Kenney explains. “Combined with a delicious and beautiful plant-based diet, we believe we are providing an integrated experience like no other in the world.”

Make the Walls Disappear

Where to stay in Kauai
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A throwback to yesteryear’s Hawaii, Kukui’lua brings you back to the elements. With a meditation garden, en plein air dining, outdoor spa treatments and beachfront fire pits for traditional Hawaiian storytelling, Kukui’lua is all about natural inspiration. Add in the sunset rituals and salt water infinity Makai pools and you might never want to hear the word “carpet” again.

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In Hawaiian aloha means hello and goodbye. Which is the cycle of life. One door closes to open another. Yet, I believe that when we leave, sometimes we can keep the door open to come home to. Especially, at Kukui’lua.

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