‘Keep Calm and Recycle On’ – Reusable Dryer Sheets


Lately we’ve seen the mantra “Keep Calm and Carry On” everywhere from T-shirts to chocolate bars. (If your curious about the origins of this now popular phrase, then check out this article in the UK Guardian.) But we love how zJayne on Etsy has taken this British motivational phrase and given it an eco twist: “Keep Calm and Recycle On.”

Each set of three dryer pillows uses upcycled T-shirts filled with organic lavender buds to give laundry a light, flowery scent. They’re reusable and double-secured with a separate interior pouch so you don’t have to worry about the lavender buds leaking out. (“No way, no how!” as the Etsy description says.) These cute little pouches are sewn on a vintage White 1951 machine for a charmingly retro touch and come in several different color combos.

Of course, dryer pillows aren’t the only eco alternative to dryer sheets. I’ve used little rubbery dryer balls to dry clothes more quickly without creating extra waste (like the dryer pillows, the dryer balls are reusable). Air-drying wet clothes on a clothes line is another option if you have the space. The Clean Air Gardening Blog lists several other alternatives to commercial dryer sheets, some of which contain chemicals like Benzyl Acetate and Benzyl Alcohol. Not so great for you, your clothes, or the environment.