Kick Up Your Heels! This Table Calls for a Party


There’s something delightfully fun and festive about this one-of-a-kind table. Designed and crafted by Brothers Dressler, twin woodworkers in Toronto, Canada, it uses “wooden lasts” salvaged from a Northern Ontario fishing camp, evoking the era of cobblers and handmade shoes.

Interestingly, the lasts were labeled as “firewood for cottagers,” but the Brothers Dressler saw their potential as functional art and created a series of objects that play off this theme. This one is called “Last Place,” but there’s also a table called “Last Waltz,” a light called “Last Light,” a shelf called “Last Frontier,” and a footstool called “Last Dance.”

As grandparents are fond of saying, they sure don’t make things like they used to. Maybe not, the Brothers Dressler have found a clever and (dare we say it) kicky way to breathe new life into these old, tired objects. Grandma would approve!