Knits & Knots


I don’t know how to knit, but if I did, these would both be born (by way of knitting needles) in my living room. Until the unlikely event that I take up knitting and knotting, I will capitalize on the good fortune that I can purchase these gorgeous confections of yarn. On the left, the Six Cord Knitted Necklace by A Alicia is a “messy plait” of yarn braided into the perfect winter statement necklace. On the right, the Knitted Pouf by CB2 is hand knit and versatile – think ottoman, coffee table, casual seating, winter snuggle, etc.

Craving more cable knit? If you simply cannot get enough cable knit delights, cozy up with this throw from VivaTerra.  And if you already have too much cable knit in your closet, use this simple tutorial to upcycle a sweater and whip up a scarf.