Kombucha Closer


Kombuchawhat on earth is it anyway? When I first found out about kombucha, I can’t say I was very interested. After all, it’s made of black tea and sugar that’s been fermented with a thick, white, slimy mushroom floating at the top. But when I actually tried it, I was really amazed.

I felt an immediate sense of effervescence and energy run through my entire body. Kombucha is literally alive. The mushroom creates a living brew that is full of probiotics, enzymes and amino acids. Kombucha boasts a wide variety of health benefits and is considered a holistic remedy for a long list of ailments.

Kombucha is actually quite delicious and you can’t help but feel the immediate giddy rush after drinking even just a few sips. Different brands taste very different, so if you don’t like one brew, try another. GT’s and Kombucha Gold are my personal favorites.

Image: the biella