Korres Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Rosy (Discount Inside!)

All-natural Greek beauty company Korres recently sent me a box of organic skincare products to test, and I’ve been trying them all out for a few weeks. Here’s my experience.

wild rose

Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin with SPF 6

I couldn’t love this moisturizer more and I’m very sad to say I’m nearly halfway through it. Oh well, at least I still have half left! It’s fresh and rosy, with a cool, watery texture that sinks into your skin fast but leaves behind an amazing, greaseless sheen. I do wish this had a higher SPF than 6, but the scent, feel and performance are great. Really – and this is coming from the woman who has tried it all, from Clinique to Estee Lauder to La Mer – eww, mineral oil – to Origins to Burt’s Bees. That’s a long-winded way of saying I’ll be buying this for a long time to come. Because of the low SPF, if you’re fair like me you will still need something with more protection if you’re going to be gardening, hiking or hanging out with your clinician friend, Carrie.

face primer

Silicon-Free Face Primer

This. Is. Awesome. I was glad to finally get rid of my old Smashbox makeup primer, which I almost never used (partly because I don’t wear face makeup and partly because Smashbox’s primer is not good for your skin or the planet). Most days I don’t wear much on my skin, but this is perfect under powder or concealer if you don’t wear foundation. A little goes a very long way – just the tiniest nib of a dab of a dot will do ya. The tube is generously sized and a pea-sized amount would slick on for miles, so I fully expect to wake up a decade from now with this still in my makeup drawer. I should probably check out the expiration date with the Korres folks.


Pro-Vitamin B5 and Rice Bran Lash-Strengthening Mascara

I was excited to try out an organic mascara; this one disappoints. I’m lucky to have naturally thick lashes, but this formula is so thin and the color is such a dull brown, I felt like I actually looked worse after application. To be fair, I’m very picky about my mascara, and I like a rich, thick formula because I refuse to apply more than one coat. The really bad thing about this product is the strong smell. I don’t know if it’s the rice bran, but it was very medicinal – like crushed aspirin. Sorry, Korres!

lip butter

Lip Butter Lip and Cheek Tint

Back to the yummy stuff. I love the lip butter. It’s silky, light, tastes and smells delicious, and somehow manages not to be thick or sticky while also staying on my lips for several hours. And it makes a great eye and cheek tint, too! It feels the way I think a lip gloss should feel – creamy and healing, without being goopy or shiny. It doesn’t have the congealed texture of something like chapstick or Carmex and it’s also not drying like a lot of so-called lip treatments are (you know the ones, where you have to reapply every five minutes or run the risk of chapped lips).

And there you have it; 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. In addition to the luscious textures and pleasant scents, the packaging is great – matte, minimal and substantial.

Now, just for you: Korres is providing readers of EcoSalon a discount of 30% all products purchased online at korresusa.com until September 30th, 2009! Just use promo code ECOSALON when ordering and you’ll get this amazing discount. Enjoy!

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