Laci Green Goes ‘Braless’ in MTV’s New Web Series About Feminism

"Braless" still shot 1

Laci Green is best known as the spunky, witty and smart YouTube sex activist who makes videos about sexuality. Her Tumblr is filled with feminist-friendly content and news. Green is bright and tackles all those ooky (also known as hard to digest) issues with ease and enthusiasm.

Recently, Green announced that she would be working with MTV to make a new web series. Well, her series, “Braless,” premiered Tuesday, November 4, and it was every bit as fun as I’d hoped. Upon viewing of the first episode, I can tell that Laci Green and I would be fast friends. Fast, nerdy, feminist friends.

"Braless" still shot 2

The first episode, “Taylor Swift Slays Sexism,” is all about Swift’s new album, “1989.” Green gives dish on while she’s always been a fan of T. Swift, she’s even more smitten with the pop star now because of Swift’s recent release. Green goes on to detail how Swift has evolved over the years and now declares herself as a feminist. (Yay!) Swift has always had an opinion about everything and a penchant for writing about personal stuff. Green expresses a lot of enthusiasm for Swift for that reason. I mean, really, what’s so wrong about a young, Millennial woman having an opinion and writing about her life? Nothing, Green says (and I second, too).

My main complaint about the show? It’s too short! But that’s the whole point of having a YouTube channel TV show and why it’s so smart that MTV is partnering with Green. Much of MTV’s content is a bit, uh, questionable — I’m looking at you, “Jersey Shore.” However, Green’s show and channel are smart, informative and geared toward the generation that likes their news in snippets. (I can say that because I, too, am a Millennial and know all to well about short attention spans).

I’m looking forward to seeing what Green tackles next week. I’m sure it’ll be great!

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