LaRocca Vineyards: Family-Owned and Organic Wine


I’m not much of a wine drinker because conventionally grown grapes are so heavily sprayed with pesticides, fungicides and other poisons, that I just don’t feel good quaffing a glass. But when I come across a fine, organic wine, I take special note.


One evening at a friend’s house I was amazed by a glass of Barbera red. I was stunned by the full flavor, which delighted my palette and, being sulfite-free, felt so good going through my body. I immediately asked her to show me the bottle.

The wine came from LaRocca vineyards, a small, organic, northern California winery. I later bought a few bottles of their wine at the farmer’s market and was happy to find that everybody working for them was like family – as warm and friendly as the wine itself!

Image: LaRocca