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Are the green gatherers of EcoSalon up for the Navy Shower?

Ten-minute hot showers might feel like a slice of heaven first thing in the morning, but it’s really not doing much for the environment. And it sure doesn’t help with keeping the utility bills down. Those ten minutes in the shower equals around 60 gallons (230 liters) of water being wasted. Take one shower a day for a year and your water usage equates to well over 20,000 gallons. That’s a whole lot of water going down the drain.

There are many ways of reducing your shower water usage, ranging from water saving shower heads to shorter showers (get a

digital shower timer to help with this). But for a unique and enticingly extreme way of reducing your water footprint, why not take up the fine art of the “navy shower once a week?

Frequently used by the military, especially on naval vessels where conservation of fresh water is extremely important, the navy shower consists of the following steps.

- Turn water on and quickly wet your body.

- Turn water off and apply soap to body and shampoo to hair.

- Turn water on and rinse off.

- Grab towel and dry off.

It’s simple. It’s quick. And only uses about 3 gallons (11 liters) of water.

But I have to admit, it doesn’t sound like much fun, especially in winter!

Image: Phil Romans