Food Activism: Civil Eats’ Kitchen Table Talk in San Francisco Tonight

 Learn the basics of being a food activist.

Dr. Marion Nestle was right when she said:

Vote with your fork. Every time you make a food choice, you are voting for the kind of food system you want. More voting for sustainable, local, organic would be game changing. It doesn’t have to be 100% one way or the other, just more. But I also think people have to vote with their votes. Join organizations, write representatives, run for office!

Activism comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you care about food, you can take action three times a day. Interested in food activism? Then you might want to check out Civil Eats‘ Kitchen Table Talks.

Civil Eats is hosting another round of its Kitchen Table Talks tonight, Tuesday September 20, in San Francisco, and it’s all focused on food activism, which will culminate one week later:

We encourage participants to take their newly learned skills the following week to a free San Francisco mayoral candidate forum on Monday, September 26, sponsored by the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance, San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, and Bay Area Water Stewards. There you can engage candidates on their perspectives on issues related to urban agriculture, schoolyard greening, and the city’s management of water resources.

When: Tuesday, September 20, 2011, Food and drink at 6:30 pm; Discussion at 7:00 pm

Where: 18 Reasons, 3674 18th Street (@ Dolores), San Francisco

Joining in the conversation will be special guests San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar, Eli Zigas, co-coordinator of the San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance, and Stephen Burdo, Political Director for Kathleen Russell Consulting.

Check out Civil Eats for more info.

Image: Civil Eats, Rick Bradley

Anna Brones

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