Art By the People: Learning to Love You More


I’ve always shied away from art that’s hidden away in cold galleries. Rather, I want to see art that is spontaneous, context-driven and made by the imaginations of people like you and me. Learning To Love You More is a website that’s done just that.

Artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher have posted open-ended artistic assignments online and anybody can choose one (or more), do the work and post their outcome online.

Paintings, photographs, poetry, video – all forms of media are there, and the results have come from everyone, not just professional artists. Interestingly enough, this people-driven art has garnered the interest of a wide variety of display centers for exhibitions worldwide.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples posted throughout the website, but here are some that stood out for me. Check out the site and let me know which ones spoke to you.

twig3 Feel the News
(shown above)

twig3 Write Your Life Story in Less Than a Day

twig3 Record the Sound That Is Keeping You Awake
twig3 Make a Field Guide to Your Yard

twig3 Make an Educational Public Plaque


twig3 Recreate an Object from Someone’s Past