Link Love: A Mural That Cleans the Air, Why Eating Eggs is Worse Than Smoking and Whether or Not Menstruating Women Attract Sharks

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

Summery cocktails? Yes please. Here are 12 perfect summer drinks that only require having four different bottles of booze on hand. Easy! [Via LearnVest]

On the Road isn’t the only book you should be reading if you’re road tripping. Here’s a list of the 9 literary essentials. [Via Adventure Journal]

Because it’s Shark Week and you have always wanted to know: do menstruating women attract sharks? [Via Mother Jones]

Air fresheners can be full of chemicals and super toxic. Try these natural alternatives, as simple as taking out the trash and opening a window. [Via Organic Authority]

Vintage mascara looked a little different than it does today. 9 photos of the beauty product from when it didn’t come in a tube but was a brush in a box. [Via Buzzfeed]

A new solution to pollution in cities? An artist in Italy paints a mural that is able to clean the air of photochemicals, like smog. [Via PSFK]

Renaissance women were more feminist than you might think. [Via Science 2.0]

Don’t put an egg on it; eating eggs can be as bad for you as smoking according to a new report. [Via Ecorazzi]

Cities are great and all, but they are making natural disasters deadlier. [Via Atlantic Cities]

Here’s a shocker: kids who don’t get junk food in school don’t gain as much weight. Now proven by science. [Via Food Politics]

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