Link Love: Best Valentine’s Caramels + Pharrell is Killing it (Amirite, Ladies?) + Ouch: A Rapper Drops the “R” Word

lavender caramels

This week’s Link Love looks at cycling outdoors versus spin class, vegan comfort food, lavender caramels, the power of Pharrell and a rapper who said too much.

Let your someone special know just how special they are with these drool-worthy lavender infused caramels for Valentine’s Day. [via Food 52]

Do you take a spin cycle class? Or are you more of a hit-the-trail mountain biker? Here’s what researchers have found about the differences between cycling indoors versus outside. [via Well and Good NYC]

Oh, yeah. Comfort food gets a creamy, dreamy vegan makeover in the new cookbook (ebook) “Comfortably Yum.” [via Eat Drink Better]

The super talented and super sexy Pharrell Williams has partnered with G-Star Raw to promote awareness about plastic pollution. And after his gorgeous performance at the Beatles tribute last Sunday, we wonder: Could we love him any more?  [via Treehugger]

Drop the mic. We love seeing this rapper set straight after threatening to rape a woman during a rap battle. He was just rhymin’, but still. No. Thank you. [via Jezebel]

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image via Food 52