Link Love: Conspiracy Theorists, Speciesism + Ikea Hacking for the Holidays

ikea tree

A round-up of what we’re reading right now.

Really? Conspiracy theorists aren’t really skeptics…the fascinating psychology of people who know the real truth about JFK, UFOs, and 9/11. [Via Slate]

Modern farms are struggling to keep a secret. Most of the animals used for food in the United States are raised in giant, bizarre factories, hidden deep in remote areas of the countryside. Speciesism: The Movie director Mark Devries set out to investigate. [Via GirlieGirl Army]

Ikea stylists are at it again, showing us common folk how to style our homes in inspirational ways for the holidays. You don’t need to shop at the Swedish giant in order to have a festive and fun household this season. [Via Apartment Therapy]

Raw, cold-pressed coconut oil right out of the jar has become the most obsessed about natural beauty item. [Via Well + Good]

Why do feminine hygiene products that go you-know-where contain so many toxins? [ Via Naturally Savvy]

Image: ikea