Link Love: Elephants Get a Break, Vegan Holiday Dresses + 2013 Music in Pictures


Wonder what we’re reading right now around the web? It’s all here in our weekly wrap-up: Link Love.

How to eat healthy at a Chinese restaurant…yep, it’s totally possible. Take some precaution, of course, but go ahead and enjoy that won-ton.  [Via Well + Good]

Finding holiday dresses without a smattering of fur, wool, silk, or leather can sometimes be a challenge. Not with GirlieGirl Army on your side and these gorgeous vegan holiday dress picks. [Via GirlieGirl Army]

More bad news for Splenda users. Sucralose, the main ingredient in Splenda has now been linked with toxic dioxins (on top of diabetes and cancer). Are you still eating eat? [Via Naturally Savvy]

Good news for elephant lovers: Asia and Africa make strides in stopping the deplorable ivory trade. [Via Slate]

What a year 2013 has been for music. So many albums and live shows…is it just us or is music just getting better? One thing’s for sure: it’s also becoming more fun to look at. Just check out Pitchfork’s year in music photos. Wow. [Via Pitchfork]

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Image: Pitchfork