Link Love: How Many Calories Michael Phelps Eats and Why You Will Want to Travel to Sweden

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

If you think eating healthy isn’t economical, think again. Here are 11 ways to reduce your food costs and still eat well. [Via Organic Authority]

Obsessed with Scandinavia as much as we are? You’ll love this video of a Swedish travel adventure. [Via Traveling Greener]

Have a sweet tooth? Curb those sugar cravings the natural way. [Via Elephant Journal]

Arizona’s severe new abortion law goes into effect this week, here’s who it will affect and how. [Via The Week]

What exactly does Michael Phelps eat? 12,000 calories a day. [Via Gilt Taste]

Is 14 too young for plastic surgery? Even if the reason is to end bullying? [Via Refinery29]

Let’s focus less on looks and more on talent, it’s the Olympics after all. [Via Jezebel]

Forget potatoes, you should be making eggplant chips from here on out. Complete with basil yogurt dip. [Via Greatist]

Image: Per Ola Wiberg

Anna Brones

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