Link Love: ‘Little Black Dress’ of the Fitness World and Snack Food Spies

link love yoga pants

A round-up of what we’re reading right now.

We love looking at kitties but rarely consider how the internet’s favorite subject sees things. These crazy images from artist Nickolay Lamm give us a “cat’s eye” view of the planet. [Via Wired]

Fitted, black yoga pants are the Little Black Dress of the fitness world. Here are 14 great takes on the fitness fashion must-have that we’re all sweating in. [Via WellandGoodNYC]

The company that produces popular brands like Chips Ahoy, Nabisco, and Ritz recently announced plans to spy on shoppers in the snack food aisle. [Via Organic Authority]

The Environmental Protection Agency considers lenient standards for new gas fueled power plants that could make us reliant on fossil fuels for decades. [Via Sierra Club]

A Kansas company is recalling nearly 23,000 pounds of meat products this week due to possible listeria contamination. [Via Inhabitat]

Image: grandvelasrivieramaya