Link Love: Mexican Food and Maternal Rights

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

For some, Cinco de Mayo is an excuse to drink too much Corona. For us, it’s an excuse to cook up these seven mouth-watering recipes. To each her own. [via Big Girls Small Kitchen]

Want to live an awesome life but have no idea where to begin? Consider this an intro course. [via Elephant Journal]

A new music device is able to create melodies by reading tree rings. We sense a new 8tracks playlist. [via UTNE]

Should a fetus have more rights than the woman who carries it? One opinion writer says no. [via The Frisky]

Finally, a major magazine takes a stand against the anorexic pre-teen model craze. [via The New York Times]

Introducing a new hand-powered artisan .GIF maker… from Portland, of course. [via The Atlantic Cities]

Image: Big Girls Small Kitchen

Jessica Marati

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