Link Love: Quick Lunches, Natural Mosquito Repellent and Why We’re Addicted to Being Busy

A round-up of what we’re reading right now.

Save some money and make your lunch instead of going out. Here are 35 quick, easy and healthy ideas. [Via Greatist]

Oh you pesky summer mosquitoes, you don’t have anything on us and our seven natural repellents. [Via Organic Authority]

Why are other countries so much better at science? Here are some lessons from teachers whose countries excel at the subject. [Via Slate]

And the BP Gulf oil spill disaster continues. [Via TakePart]

Are we addicted to being busy? It looks like it.  [Via New York Times]

Sick of hearing the “why aren’t you two hitched yet?” Come back with one of these edgy responses. [Via How About We]

Image: James Jordan

Anna Brones

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