Link Love: Rural Living Affects Obesity, Airbnb for Bikes and the Murder of an Environmental Journalist

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

Yoga is becoming part of corporate culture, and that is good for the bottom line. [Via LearnVest]

Where you live affects your health. A new study shows that rural living could be an obesity risk factor. [Via Los Angeles Times]

What do you do when you have a day off? According to this poll, most of us sleep. [Via NPR]

Spice up your coffee with these five seasonal ingredients. [Via Organic Authority]

If you can rent out your apartment, why not your bike? Enter the Airbnb of the cycling world. Just make sure it’s tuned up. [Via Ethical Ocean]

Call Me Maybe vs. Gangnam Style = immediate internet sensation. Doesn’t mean it’s good. [Via Soundcloud]

What is the number one thing you couldn’t live without in the kitchen? Probably the refrigerator. This and 19 other significant inventions in the history of food and drink. [Via The Atlantic]

What do “clean” and “dirty” sound like? Take city pollution, map it with sound and you get a musical landscape. [Via PSFK]

The murder of an environmental journalist in Cambodia reminds us that we are all connected. [Via Dot Earth]

We live in an era of creativity; here is a compilation of the 25 most iconic artworks over the last five years. [Via ArtInfo]

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