Link Love: Russell on Robin + Doing Dishes + DIY Deodorant Recipes

Robin Williams as Mork

This week’s Link Love: We hear from Russell Brand on the tragic loss of Robin Williams’, the best way to do dishes and how to make your own natural deodorant, as well as big news for Tesla lovers and 3D printed shoes?!

If you haven’t read it yet, Russell Brand’s commentary on Robin Williams’ death is outstanding. [via the Guardian]

Are you doing dishes the right way to conserve water? [via Eat Drink Better]

5 DIY natural deodorant recipes for healthy pits that don’t stink. [via Organic Authority]

What say you, Mr. Musk? Tesla may make green technology, but California might give it a pass on building green factories. [via Grist]

Why yes, these are 3D printed shoes. [via Ecouterre]

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Image via the Guardian