Link Love: Sexy Appetizers + The Best Photos Ever + Are You There, God? It’s an 80-Page Judy Blume Interview


It may be Christmas week, but we’re still surfing the web, and boy is it ever worth it. Here are some gems we read and want to share with you in this week’s Link Love.

Been there! Thirty-five and single? Here’s why it’s both amazing and terrible. [via MindBodyGreen]

Just in time for a smashing delicious New Year’s Eve party…a crudite upgrade! How to make the healthiest party appetizer sexier…yes please. [via Well + Good NYC]

Chris Hedges explores the sickening reality of what we feed our nation’s prisoners in this expose: Food Behind Bars Isn’t Fit for Your Dog. [via Nation of Change]

Are you there, God? It’s an 80-page Judy Blume interview. Lena Dunham gets dibs, but the 11-year-0ld girl in us thinks Judy would’ve been happy to pour her heart out to EcoSalon, too. [via Jewcy]

Buzzfeed got a sneak peek at some of National Geographic’s most amazing photos ever. They’re all that and then some. [via Buzzfeed]

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Image via Buzzfeed/National Geographic