Link Love: Steroids to Prevent Lesbianism, Getting Kicked Out of School for Being Pregnant and Running Red Lights on a Bike

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

Running red lights on a bicycle is illegal, but is it ethical? Here’s someone that says yes. [Via New York Times]

What century are we living in? A new study reveals that U.S. doctors are using non-FDA approved steroids to prevent lesbianism in fetuses. [Via Queerty]

Self-doubt, worry and fear, all things you don’t need in life. [Via Elephant Journal]

Can we blame our brain for our food cravings? Maybe a little bit. [Via Greatist]

Go to this school in Louisiana and you might get kicked out for being pregnant. [Via Mother Jones]

If only Nancy Drew had a cell phone in her day, she would have been texting up a storm. [Via The Hairpin]

In the Los Angeles area, 10 women are truly changing things up. [Via Forbes]

Carla Bruni is getting her own statue… as a working woman. [Via The Frisky]

Image: Jeffrey Beall


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