Link Love: The Charlie Hebdo Attack + Sex as You Age + Wearable Biospheres

Screenshot 2015-01-07 15.01.26

It’s a sad week in the media world as the attack in France has us all feeling vulnerable and angry. Cartoonists respond. Also in Link Love Sia’s controversial new video, the year’s hottest movie stars, sex as you age and wearable biospheres.

Ruminate on the unbelievably tragic Charlie Hebdo attack with these cartoons. [via Vox]

Watch Sia’s new video. That is all. [via Mashable]

The year’s biggest stars step out of historical screen roles and into eccentric characters for W. [via W.]

Does sex get better with age? [via Vogue]

Could these “Wearable Biospheres” help us survive on alien planets? [via Ecouterre]

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