Link Love: Vegan Diets and Voluntourism

A round-up of what we’re reading right now.

NASCAR and environmentalism? Stranger partnerships have happened… we think. [via Triple Pundit

Bill Clinton weighs less than he did in high school, and he has veganism to thank. [via Girlie Girl Army]

Looking to clear out your refrigerator? This vegetarian African peanut stew includes everything but the kitchen sink. [via Big Girls Small Kitchen]

Treehugger founder Graham Hill’s minimalist 420-square-foot studio incorporates every space-saving tip in the book. [via Curbed]

Before you dedicate your next vacation to playing with orphans or building a school, ask yourself if “voluntourism” is really the best way to make a difference. [via HuffPost Impact]

We always thought it was strange that Election Day falls on a Tuesday. Turns out, the answer is as dated as the horse and buggy. [via Take Part]

Image: The U.S. Army

Jessica Marati

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