Link Love: Why Soy is a Dangerfood, How Men and Women See Things Differently and the Mysteries of Coconut Water

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

Striving to do better is good for business: environmentally conscious companies have more productive employees. [Via Co.EXIST]

Is soy a “dangerfood”? [Via Greatist]

Culinary collaborations can lead to great things, in this case, spicy hash browns. [Via BGSK]

It’s not just a Mars vs. Venus thing, men and women literally see things differently. [Via National Geographic]

The mysteries of coconut water finally solved. [Via Elephant Journal]

Apples are officially in season, celebrate with these 21 recipes. [Via Ecorazzi]

Why is it that women’s sports are still behind and what can we do about it? [Via The Daily Muse]

Just how do you impress someone with food in the great outdoors? [Via Adventure Journal]

Time to do more with your work space, like grow a garden. [Via Remodelista]

Economic booms and busts take a toll, as showcased in this photo series of abandoned motel pools. [Via Curbed]

Image: Andrea_Nguyen

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