Link Love: You’ll Live Better if You Surround Yourself With Awesome People and Stop Worrying About Money

A round-up of what we’re reading right now. 

Just in case you weren’t totally sure, being around people and things that are awesome does in fact make you a better human being. [Via Gizmodo]

But if you’re still looking to be better, keep in mind that money really doesn’t equal happiness, even the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says so. [Via LearnVest]

Speaking of money, everyone deserves the right to equal pay. Well, except for women of course. [Via TakePart]

If wild rice isn’t on your regular menu, you might want to reconsider. Start with this delicious recipe for Wild Rice with Crispy Mushrooms, Cherries and Toasted Almonds. [Via Big Girls Small Kitchen]

Some models just look good, others have a mission. [Via Well+Good NYC]

As creative human beings can we push ourselves, or do we need a team to inspire us to do better? [Via 99percent]

When food trucks hit Paris, things get “très Brooklyn” real quick. [Via New York Times]

Looking to clean up your neighborhood’s reputation? Plant a garden. [Via Yes Magazine]

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