Living in the Eternal Nau


Jeans are the eternal American fashion emblem of sustainability. Above all, they’re durable. Over time, denim has become the paradoxical icon of leisure and work, adventure, simplicity and relaxed sophistication.

The Nau design collective is taking a multi-layered approach to innovation in the denim world. With a company credo to maintain low-impact production processes and a design philosophy to inform classicism with a free spirit, they’re on the greener side of blue jeans.

Nau has contracted with a non-profit research organization to assure compliance at all levels of their company with their vision of sustainable practices. Serious, but simple, just like the designs that emerge from the trend-setting thinktank.

Their "lean jean" favors a lightly rinsed raw denim with a rugged outer construction and soft interior detailing. Nau also ventures beyond denim with their quick-dry motility dress, a recycled poly/spandex blend born of discarded plastic. (I envision a future where the laundering of dresses is as carefree as throwing a pair of jeans in the wash.)

Images/Purchase: Nau