Looking for an Unusual Eco Vacation? Step into an Earthship


If you’ve ever considered vacationing in Taos, consider staying in an Earthship for the night. Earthships are surprising constructions,  made mainly from old tires, aluminum bottles and cans. Far from looking like a trash heap, Earthships are elegant, well-insulated and built to blend into the natural environment.

Located 15 minutes outside of Taos in the high New Mexican desert, HelioHouse’s Earthship serves as an educational, sustainable vacation rental and boasts comfortable furnishings, a full kitchen and beautiful views. They’ve even got wireless internet.

But besides the creature comforts, HelioHouse – and all Earthships – uses passive solar, passive ventilation, rainwater catchment, graywater systems, and onsite solar sewage treatment, to create off-grid, wholly sustainable living.

By staying at HelioHouse you can support innovative green design and at the same time learn about a very viable alternative, green building method. Consider this an education vacation.

Check out the DVD Garbage Warrior to learn more about Earthship innovator and biotect Michael Reynolds.