Lunar Locavores and the Green Side of the Moon


Could it be that astronauts of the future will be able to eat fresh and green while on the moon?

Sounds improbable, but US scientists involved in creating the first moon “greenhouse” think it”Ëœs possible. Paragon, an Arizona-based company, has been working with NASA and Odyssey Moon Ltd (the first contender in the Google Lunar X Prize) to create the “lunar oasis” – a miniature greenhouse for the moon.

This sealed bell jar-shaped greenhouse, encased in a 1.5 foot tall triangular aluminum frame, has been designed to land safely and remain intact on the lunar surface.


Plans are afoot to have the “lunar oasis” launched into space by Odyssey Moon, thus allowing for plant growth experiments to be conducted. Growing plants from seeds on the moon is a significant step forward in looking at life beyond planet earth.

Images: joiseyshowaa, onorbit