Lustables: Bamboo or Walnut iPhone Case

Combining the natural strength of bamboo with the modernity of your favorite mobile device, this throwback design is sustainable and cool.

The Wood Camera iPhone Case, made from sustainably harvested bamboo or walnut wood, is designed to look and feel like a real camera. Each case is laser-engraved and comes with a thin felt pad to cushion your device. While plastic iPhone cases are environmentally not so hip, the walnut and bamboo materials were chosen specifically with durability and the environment in mind. It’s also lighter than plastic offerings weighing in at only 22g.

For use with the iPhone 4 from Verizon and AT&T. Available through the Photojojo store for $42, plus shipping.

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K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.