Lustables: Jacobsen Salt

Pure salt crystals hand-harvested in Oregon.

Call me a pretentious foodie, but I am going to go ahead and say it: sea salt is a game changer for cooking. It’s flaky, tastes real, and simply does things to your food that traditional salt just can’t. Think I am kidding? Then try a dash of salt from Jacobsen Salt Co.

After living in Scandinavia for over four years and falling in love with sea salt there, Ben Jacobsen moved back to the Pacific Northwest, and much to his avail couldn’t find any locally produced salts. So he decided to make his own. Fast forward a year and a half and Jacobsen is paving the way for Northwest salt, stocking local markets and restaurants. Using traditional methods, the sea salt is harvested in Oregon, and the package is marked to show where the salt comes from.

Food lovers rejoice!

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Anna Brones

Anna Brones is a food + travel writer with a love for coffee and bikes. She is the author of The Culinary Cyclist and Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break. Catch her weekly column, Foodie Underground.