Lustables: M2 Jewelry’s Arizona Dream

Rubber bands recrafted by M2 Jewelry make office chic a bit kinkier.

If being stuck at the office on a Friday afternoon in August is really cramping your style, consider donning a wearable art piece by M2 Jewelry. Office supplies and recyclables craftily twisted into necklaces, rings, and brooches send a clear message that there is indeed life beyond the cubicle. Designer Margarita Mileva of Milev Architects has been artfully reusing and upcycling paperclips, punched business cards, rubber bands, mosaic stones, and presentation wire binding elements – to name a few, as a way of putting a totally fresh spin on the standard desktop ingredients.

Mileva’s excursion to the desert southwest inspired this complexly textured necklace and as a wearable work of art, Arizona Dream, is transporting in both hue and tactile spirit. The designers wants her pieces to mimic nature but with their own organic sensibility and contemporary twist. Succulent and sweet.

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