Lustables: Upcycled Traffic Sign Armchairs

Armchairs made out of old traffic signs are upcycled into conversation pieces.

Rhode Island-based designer Boris Bally follows a philosophy called “HUMANUFACTURED®,” a hybrid of art, design and craft. His latest project exploits the stark graphics of street signage to create conversation pieces for the sitting room.

In his process, he seeks to minimize scrap by saving retired traffic signs from trash heaps, transforming them into furniture and using what’s left for mailboxes, house numbers, clocks and picture frames. It’s estimated that by producing hundreds of these armchairs in a year alone, Bally will save over twenty tons of aluminum waste from dead-end landfills.

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K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.