Lustables: Upcycled Tumblers From The Bottle Mill

Last night’s party is tomorrow’s glassware, care of these rescued liquor bottles.

“Seriously,” you say, sipping from a bottle of Grey Goose, “it’s just water.” Yet no one believes you. That’s because they’ve never heard of The Bottle Mill, a company that upcycles trashed liquor bottles and transforms them into upstanding glassware for your kitchen.

The tumblers pictured here are made from recycled Grey Goose Bottles reclaimed from local bars. They’re hand cut and polished, plus the heavy base and thick glass make them ultra-durable. They’ll outlast even the worst of hangovers.

Price: $15 a pint. 

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K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.