Mad Den: Recreating Don Draper’s Living Room

“Just because you see white carpet in a magazine doesn’t mean it’s practical.”

“But it’s beautiful,” counters Don’s new wife, the coquettish twenty-five-year-old French Canadian Megan. She’s not quite wrong: her wall-to-wall fluffy white rug is straight out of a glossy magazine (or Peggy’s Playtex ad). Yet while nothing sticks to Teflon Don, including cloying emotions and the silly notion of a past, not everything in the Draper household is stain-proof. Such is the result of housecleaning in your unmentionables after a Stanley Cooper Draper Price soiree.

Here we attempt to recreate the look of Don Draper’s mad den, while humming a little Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo a lá Sofia Loren. Oops, we mean Jessica Paré.

1. Low, loungey and mid-century modern, the tweed Rochelle Sofa by GUS* Modern ($1,999) is a sexy room divider. Perfect for thwarted surprise parties and throwing pillows about ($19 each).

2. The Kyoto cabinet is more minimalist than the ornate storage vessel in chez Draper. Here’s to simpler times ahead, from the Home Decorator’s Collection ($399).

3. The zebra print cushion from The Well Appointed House ($80) is good for one thing…

…and one thing only. Pillow talk.

4. Vintage wooden stools with seats made of upcycled nautical cushions. ($800 via SHFT). Like repurposed brown lunch bags, but kinder. (Shame on those Y&R boys.)

5. This chandelier from Lumens ($3,216) is dramatic and visual, covered in an outer bronze organza screen and rich bourbon finish. Much like a good episode of Mad Men.

6. Crate & Barrel’s Storage Ottoman in high pile microfiber ($579) is perfect for both family and cocktail hour.

7. The impractical and yet Glitzy Area Rug in white (via $599).

8. Linen/cotton throw pillows from West Elm. As casual as Don’s work ethic this season.

9. The Kagan Wood and glass coffee table isn’t what you’d call kid-friendly, but then again, they’re only there every other weekend. (via ModProp)

10. This is the Donald Draper we’re talking about. Of course he’s got the Herman Miller Eames Lounge, available for $4,499 from All Modern.

Next week, a look into Betty’s complicated cupboards, or another week confined in the motherload with Joan?

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K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.