Mano a Mano

NanaKi Bonfils, Josephine Aquama Hoffmeyer, and Rosario Parrinello founded Made a Mano with “the ambition to create a collection of tiles, countertops and sinks, combining ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques – revealing a sure sense of beauty and style.”

All Made a Mano products are worked, glazed, and embellished entirely by hand with influences from Arabic, Japanese, and African motifs. The materials are natural lavastone and terracotta from Mount Etna in Sicily (the oldest recorded active volcano in the world). This organic tile is a poetic way to introduce a bit of Mother Nature’s most destructive material (lava) inside in a beautiful way.

Though lavastone has been used in the building industry for many decades, glazed lavastone (or Majolica) is a relatively new process. The results are a functional dream, suitable for walls, floors, fireplaces, bathrooms, shower walls and floors, countertops, tabletops, sinks, swimming pools, mosaics, etc.

“The glazed lavastone has advantages which other raw stones such as marble, terracotta, and granite lack. The technical features and aesthetic possibilities of the glazed stone combine to create a wear resistant, frost resistant, stain resistant, impact resistant and chemical resistant material. Because of its versatility this opens up new possibilities in interior and exterior design as well as in architecture. It has the ability to adapt easily to temperature. It can also undergo thermal shocks without breaking.”

All of the tile is gorgeous, but the Novecento Collection is an eclectic and artistic tribute to the style of the Aoelion Islands in the nineteenth century. Terracotta and smooth lavastone are glazed in milky white, then embellished by hand. Made a Mano tiles are infused with art through free hand drawing, hand painting, and handprinting (similar to silkscreening).

Soak in the beauty of the 2010 catalogue.