Make a Green Leap with the Frog Table


This table has me nostalgic for my tadpole-catching, carefree childhood days. And, poised as we are on the precipice of spring, it also has me thinking about dusting off the old outdoor furniture. (All right, I live in Hawaii, so there’s really nothing to dust off, but in any climate I would be eager to leap into spring with a frog table.)

This indoor/outdoor aluminum frog table – named for its stylized froggy stance and its ability to become part of another life cycle easily. It is 100% recyclable, and heralds a trend in eco-furnishings that are material efficient – meaning the designs require minimal assembly, labor, and materials.

The designers behind this and other REFORM furniture have a singular vision: to make sure their creations fit within a continuous cycle of use in order to stay out of the landfill.

The table’s functional ease in hopping indoors and out really maximizes value – and it’s just so sleek and stylish. $665.

Image: Vivavi