Makeup Color Match Tips to Complement Your Eye Color



To makeup color match, you have to take into consideration your features, regardless of what shades or colors you think will look best.

It’s really not enough to look at a celebrity you admire and try to replicate her look by using the same exact makeup colors and tones – they simply may not work well with your individual features. At the end of the day, the next person is not you and doesn’t work with the same blank canvas.

Instead of starting with a makeup trend and applying it directly to your face, start with what you’ve got and choose makeup that will complement your features. Your eye color, for instance, is an important benchmark in determining other makeup colors, from your shadow down to your lips, that will present your features in the best way possible. Here are useful makeup color match tips every girl should have in her arsenal to perfectly complement her unique eye color.

If you have…

1. Brown eyes

The majority of the world has brown eyes. But in exchange for being run-of-the-mill, brown eyes compensate with versatility! Just about every color works well with brown eyes, but the following colors are a great place to start experimenting.

Shadow: cobalt blue, greenish gold, copper, navy, gold

Mascara: dark purple, brown, green, navy

Liner: navy

Lipstick: red with an orange undertone; cinnamon, terracotta or a rich red for very dark brown eyes; golden coral or red for brown eyes with golden flecks; bronze for brown eyes with green undertones. Avoid muddy tones.

2. Blue eyes

Your eyes are already glowing, so you need very little to accent their color – au naturel always fits the bill. However, don’t be afraid to go glam! A rich smoky look never fails.

Shadow: sheer, terracotta, purple, orange, smoky, bronze

Mascara: navy

Liner: bronze, eye-brightening beige for the lower lash line, turquoise

Lipstick: lilac, mauve, soft plum, coral with a strong pink base

3. Green eyes

Only about 2 percent of the world population has green eyes, making it one of the most rare types of eye color. Embrace your uniqueness by indulging in the following makeup colors that are built just for you!

Shadow: taupe, all shades of purple, smoky silver, metallic sage

Mascara: purple, plum

Liner: slate, espresso

Lipstick: classic red with brown undertones, copper, taupe, cinnamon, bold corals

4. Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes sure are beautiful, but they aren’t the easiest to find flattering makeup for. Luckily, I’ve done the research for you!

Shadow: brown, gold, bronze and green shades

Mascara: green, silver, metallic black

Liner: earthy brown, warm green, dark purple

Lipstick: nude tones

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Photo Credit: Dr. Wendy Longo