Fun make-up tips for sassy, quirky style


Sass is big these days. It’s singing on our TVs (Glee!) and it’s kicking ass on our movie screens (Hit Girl! In Kick Ass!). It seems like you can’t flip a channel without seeing spunk and sass twirling across our pop culture zeitgeist. So yes, sass is in – and it’s all over recent makeup trends. Recently, we brought you the smoky eye of the sexy vixen. Now, check out our tips for a fun, funky makeup look – complete with eco-product suggestions, of course!

Sassy and fun (also known as “flirty”) is all in the application and color. Sass comes with the most striking looks. You’re going to want to go for makeup that gives you a rosy glow and bright, fun colors for your eyes. It’s easy to have a gorgeous makeup style with just a hint of drama.

All about the Eyes
When you’re going for sass, you want to make your eyes stand out. Think about cool, eye-popping shades like fuchsia, purple, blue, gold or even silver. Pick up some Alima Lumino Shimmer Eyeshadow ($9.00) in bold colors such as Azure. Find eyeliner in a similarly bright color, such as Lavera’s Eyeliner ($13.50) in blue. And pick up a colorful mascara from Lavera, which offers one in a funky shade of blue. (We’ll just call this look “electric eyes.”)

Using the eyeliner, line your upper and lower lashes as well as the inside rims of your eyes. Repeat as necessary to add emphasis. Add the eye shadow to your lids, but be careful not to extend into your brow line. Curl your eyelashes, add a coat of mascara, and curl again. Also, while applying your mascara, make sure to add a little extra product to the corners of your lashes. This can really make your lashes pop.

And think about adding false eyelashes. Jane Iredale offers Professional False Eyelashes made from real hair. (However, the glue to apply them isn’t particularly eco-friendly.) Click here to read more.

Think about a Light Blush
Okay, so now you’ve got the eye-catching “¦ eyes. Time to attend to your rosy cheeks. 100% Pure offers up a Fruit Pigmented Blush ($16.85) that is 100% natural and 100% gluten-free. And it gets a Skin Deep rating of zero. Apply it to the apples of your checks. But don’t overdo it on the blush – your goal is to compliment your brightly-colored peeps. Finish with a translucent powder like this one from Earth’s Beauty.

And Finally, Leave Your Lips Naked
A really great sheer lip gloss can finish a look. This 100 % Pure Sugar Plum Sheer Lip Gloss can add a lovely sheen without too much color.

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Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.