Mama’s Got a Bold New Ring!


Much like the parting of your hair or a swipe of lipstick, a signature standout piece of jewelry makes any look new and fashion forward. We’re not talking a delicate subtle piece either – Oh no! We are talking about an IN YOUR FACE almost overtly over-the-top statement ring that begs for attention!

Seen on the many of fashion’s foremost attention seekers themselves like Rachel Zoe, Rihanna and Mary Kate Olsen, buzz-worthy bling is where it is at! Amisha Jewelry provides just the piece to start a conversation with a contrasting jagged yet glimmering gem. Or, stick the the animal theme with Alkemie’s square owl. And if you are are loving the beautiful colors and influence of the Native Americans, Erica Wiener has just the ring for you!

The best part about wearing these snazzy finger rings is that they show off your personality, so go ahead and express yourself!