Master Bohemian Style for Your Home with DIY Projects

Bohemian style bedroom.

A carefree spirit in a long, flowy skirt, rocking even longer locks, with wanderlust in her heart. Bellbottomed teens on Haight-Ashbury; Jack Kerouac books; the Beatles in India. Bohemian style embodies adventure, exoticism, free-spiritedness and a sense of creativity and spiritualism. Bringing this vibe into your home—without making a mess of faded prints—can be a challenge. Here’s how to master it.  

Bohemian style isn’t just for fashion, it’s also a home decor style embodying that same free-spiritedness and exotica. As a decorative statement, boho is a super-sustainable look because there is an emphasis on re-use and using natural fabrics, vintage materials and taken-from-nature elements.

Bohemian style.

Image: Free People

Bohemian home decor is about creating a welcoming and comfortable space that reflects a love of the exotic, prints from foreign locales, lots of color,uncommon textures, and the unusual. There is a lot of layering in the Boho Style (both in fashion and home decor) and it’s best to think about it as if layering on a canvas—with the finished product looking like a painting from Gustav Klimt.

Bohemian Style Project Ideas

Bohemian Style Mason Jar Lanterns

Bohemian style lantern.

Image: Free People

Take mason jars, or salvaged glass jars from the recycling bin, and decorate them with glass paint markers. Use geometric or paisley motifs or search Pinterest for boho pattern inspiration. Use pliers to bend an old wire coat hanger into a frame and hook. And a candle for boho romance!

Lace Doily Dreamcatcher

Bohemian style dreamcatcher.

Image: Lune Vintage via Etsy

Using a lace doily, a large metal loop, lightweight yarn and natural elements like feathers, stones and shells to make a gorgeous dreamcatcher like this example from Lune Vintage. Hang it over your bed for a stunning boho look–and to catch all your dreams.

Painted Stones

Bohemian style painted stones.

Image: theblackbirdsings

Gather up from stones on your next walk along a river or in the woods and “paint” them with permanent markers. Use natural motifs like feathers, ferns and leaves for a truly nature inspired creation. Place them on the coffee table or even use them for tablescaping at your next dinner party.

Boho Fabric Bunting

Bohemian style bunting.

Image: Distressed Beautiful

To create a simple boho bunting, take fabric scraps and tie them to some jute string. Use old cotton sheets, curtains, skirts, blouses, aprons, tablecloths with bright patterns.

Top Image: Urban Outfitters

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