Matches Vs. Lighters: Which Is More Eco Friendly?


You wouldn’t think that matches would be the eco-friendly option amongst fire-lighting devices. And you’d be partly right. Although matches are number 36 of 50 Ways to Help The Planet, what they’re really applauding over there is the cardboard counterparts made from recycled paper.

But matches are a couple of zillion times eco-friendlier than disposable plastic lighters – and more fun (see above). So let’s keep our iconic little sticks dipped in phosphorus – and green them up instead.

Laura Malesich over at Green Daily reassured us back in December that Diamond matches (the most popular out there) were created using sustainable practices. And now Paolo Ulian has improved this simplest of concepts – by using the other end – a design so obvious it takes a true artist to spot it.

Match that.

Image: jot punkt

Mike Sowden

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