Meet Your Planet With BBC Earth’s New App

Getting social with the animals.

If you’re anything like us, there are definitely days when you’d prefer to socialize with members of non-human species over those of your own. The new Meet Your Planet social app from BBC Earth is perhaps the best way to do that, save for heading out in to the bush, jungle, or tundra.

With hundreds of clips from shows like Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, stunning photographs, and behind the scenes interviews with the BBC Earth crew (who really do have one of the coolest jobs on earth), the creators of the app hope to bring the wonder of the natural world into our everyday lives by being a part of the social network we use most.

You can interact with your Facebook friends using the app by inviting them to join and see what you’re watching, use the “aww” and “eek” functions to display your emotional reaction (it’s okay, we all do the former when this polar bear’s cubs are born), search for specific content or surprise yourself with the “inspire me” feature.

While the content is of course suitable for work, we don’t recommend viewing it at the office if you want to get any actual work done. The daily exploits of lions and jelly fish and baboons tend to be distracting.


Rosie Spinks

Rosie Spinks is a freelance journalist from California with a degree in Environmental Studies. Her work has been published in publications including Sierra magazine, GOOD magazine, the Ecologist, and the Guardian Environment Network. A passion for travel, running barefoot outdoors, and reconnecting people to what is good dominates most of her thoughts. You can follow her writing on Twitter and Tumblr.